Support for Foreigners

(Photographs/Left: Participants in a Japanese language speech contest held in October 2011. Right: Law study meeting. Bottom right: Japanese language class)



 With “life,” “language” and “culture” as keywords


Yamagata Prefecture is known throughout Japan as an area with a high percentage of international marriages.


As a result, there are foreigners in families and communities, and friends in classrooms who were raised in different cultures. When they first come to Japan that may result in inconsistencies with their surroundings. However, from a different point of view, they may have doubts about the things that the community and society accept as natural, and this may provide a chance to change towards a better direction.


The IVY Foreigner Support Section is involved in activities to support the foreigners concerned, as well as their families and communities.
It is because it is the present time that having the “richness of a multicultural society” that has a place for whatever different culture is our common property.
IVY intends to continue to make efforts to look for solutions and realize a better social system.



   Support Menu


 1.Support for children whose mother language is not Japanese


There are no national borders for children.


There are indications of “collapse of the family” throughout the world. However, there is a necessity for us adults to repeatedly support the children and their guardians so that they can live with pride for who they are and their own culture.


1-1. Consultation regarding incorporation into elementary and junior high school, and continuing to higher education


1-2. Interpreter dispatch to schools, boards of education, etc.
* Please contact our office for details regarding interpretation fees, etc.


1-3. Other consultation regarding child rearing and education
Any kind of consultation is fine. Please feel free to contact us by telephone, or email, etc.


IVY Office: 023-634-9830 …Japanese only
Cell Phone: 090-2365-1208 … Japanese, Chinese, and English supported



2. Consultation, Interpretation and Translation Services


Supported languages:

English, Chinese, Korean, Vietnamese, Portuguese, Tagalog, Russian, Thai, Nepali, Spanish, and other languages


2-1. Living consultation
Expert consultants will receive consultations regarding living so that foreigners can smoothly settle in Japan. We will look for better solutions while cooperating with related organizations.


2-2. Medical Interpretation/Translation Services
We provide interpretation/translation support for the languages noted above.


2-3. Skill improvement lectures
Law study meetings and Chinese language classes are held to improve the skills of those dispatched to bar associations, administrative agencies, etc.


* Law study meetings are held about twice a year, and Chinese language classes are held about ten times a year.


IVY Office: 023-634-9830 …Japanese only
Cell Phone: 090-2365-1208 … Japanese, Chinese, and English supported