Winterization Support


Warm Winter for Syrian and Iraqi People


IVY has been doing winterization support for Syrian refugeesMap of Iraq and IDPs living in Northern Iraq since 2013 in order to improve their living environment during severe winter.



* ”Refugee” means the people who escaped beyond the boarder. “IDPs” (Internally Displaced Persons) means people who escape to the other area domestically. We distinguish the terms by whether they escape beyond the border or not.



Delivery of Winter Clothes to 5000 Iraqi IDPs


As of November 2017, there are 3 million IDPs in Iraq. More than 700,000 people newly became displaced in this year alone. Last year, we distributed winter clothes, diapers and sanitary pads to 175,000 people living in camps who fled from Mosul city and its surroundings.


Japanese company “UNIQLO” provided 7,500 pieces of winter clothes to us.  The cost of transporting clothes from Japan was covered by generous donations of yours and by UNHCR. We appreciate those who donated to us for your kind help.


Japanese Project Manager distributing Winter Jackets

(Photo: Japanese project manager distributing winter jackets in an IDP camp)


Those who are living in camps can not afford winter clothes as they do not have income and there is no shop nearby camps. In this winter, IVY is going to distribute winter clothes provided by “UNIQLO” to IDPs living in camps who has newly become displaced in this year.




About 70 % of Syrian Refugees Live with Less Than $100 per Month


On the other had, there are 246,000 Syrian refugees in Iraq. Last year, we distributed 100 liters of  kerosene to 2,440 Syrian refugee households living in Erbil city and its suburbs.


120,000 refugees live only in Erbil city of Northern Iraq, but their suffering in daily lives are being worsened because of the lack of day labor which has been caused by financial burdens due to war expenditure and economic crisis. There are refugees who continue to be displaced more than 6 years.


Syrian Family Received Kerosene

(Photo: Syrian family who received kerosene)


The families living in the poor areas of the suburbs of Erbil can spend only about $100 to manage daily lives as $180 is used for rent from $280 monthly income. In addition, about $80 should be spent for kerosene in winter, so the increase in delay of paying rent and child labor can be observed in this season.


Therefore, we plan to distribute 200 liters of kerosene to 350 particularly vulnerable families who have many children and old people, or  disabled members, etc.


Many people have worries how to survive in this winter. Please support us to deliver winter clothes and kerosene to as many people as possible.