Consultation Service for NGO


NGO Consultant, Ministry of Foreign Affairs.



16 NGOs throughout Japan with experience and achievements in the field of international cooperation have been commissioned by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to act as “NGO Consultants.

IVY provides information and advice as an NGO consultant mainly in charge of the 6 Tohoku prefectures.

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※ Ministry of Foreign Affairs: NGO Consultant




 About the contents of the consultation


1.Answer questions and inquiries from citizens and NGO personnel on all aspects of international cooperation, including international cooperation activities of NGOs, establishment of NGOs, management and operation of organizations, fundraising, volunteer activities, internships, international relations events, and donations.

2.In order to promote understanding of international cooperation, we also provide free on-site services such as consultation, lectures, and workshops at international cooperation-related events and workshops, in cooperation with local governments and educational institutions.

3.By collaborating with NGO consultants and international cooperation organizations across the country, we will gather a wide range of information and share it with you.。




About consultations by phone or email

Please follow the instructions below. If you would like to visit our office for consultation, please contact us in advance so that we can arrange a date.


By phone. When you call, please mention “NGO Consultation” and provide your name or organization, contact information, and a summary of the consultation or question.

■023-634-9830 (Weekdays 10:00〜18:00)



By email. Please send us your name, organization name, contact information, and the contents of your question.
Our consultant will reply to you with answers to your



For those who wish to use Visit Service system

  • If you use the visit service system, you will not be responsible for the transportation costs of the counselor or the lecturer’s fee. (Please note, however, that we cannot cover the cost of the venue or the use of the facilities.
  • Due to the need to apply for and receive approval from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, please contact us at least three weeks in advance to conduct visit services.
  • Please consult with us in advance, as some contents may not fall under the category of visit service.