The principles behind our activities


From Yamagata, IVY strives to be involved in global issues to create a society in which all individuals can live with dignity, based on the following our principles.


  1. Having an awareness as a global citizen and take action from where we live.
  2. Recognizing differences of race, sex, religion, and personality. Respect for original regional wisdom & diverse cultures, and take an advantage of them actively.
  3. Seeking equality in economy, society and human rights, and work for realizing a fair society.
  4. Anticipating various potentials of actors and strive to create new values.
  5. Taking an advantage of volunteer activities as an opportunity of self-improvement and return to individuals, family, workplace, and community through the experiences and knowledge gained through activities.
  6. Supporting for preserving an environment, organic farming, and recycling activities to protect a sustainable global environment, and strive to create a recycling-based society.