Iraq and Syria





Map of IraqIVY carries out education and winterization support for Syrian refugees and Iraqi IDPs (internally displaced persons) in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq since September 2013. IVY used to focus on delivering assistance to refugees living outside of camps. Since 2016, we also provide aid to IDPs living in camps as response to the Mosul crisis.




Three Projects Implemented by IVY


Education Support Winterization Support School Repair
女の子授業中1人 10645027_622091781235896_5967826911744366309_n Hewa (35)
To provide access to education to displaced children, the project of “Bring Syrian and Iraqi children to schools” is ongoing.
To let displaced people warmly live in winter, we have “Winterizaion Projects” every year. Kerosene, heaters, winter clothes, etc. are delivered.
To assist renovation of existing schools, and hold workshop for maintaining school buildings.
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