1991  Nov The Medical Information Center for foreigners opens.
 Dec JVC Yamagata (Japan International Volunteer Center of Yamagata) is launched.
The Okura Japanese Language Classroom Cooperative Project begins (ends in 1995).
 1992 Japanese language classes are established (Kaminoyama, Murayama, Ooe).
 1993  Jun The Shirataka Japanese Language School opens.
 Jul Support begins for operation of the 4th Social Welfare Center in Cambodia is launched.
 1995  Jan Aid activities are conducted for the Great Hanshin-Awaji Earthquake victims.
 Jun Mental health support begins for Filipino citizens returning home (ends March 2000).
 1996  Jan Awarded “3P Peace” from Yamagata Newspaper.
The “Earth Stage” begins (ends on March 2002).
 Mar The Asian Family Conference is held.
The Koh Island Project to Support Independence in Cambodia begins (ends December 2002).
 Nov The 1st Ethnipic (multicultural sports meeting) is held (ends June 1998).
 1997  Feb Awarded “Japan Foundation Regional Exchange Promotion”.
 1998  Jan Training of pre-departure for Philippine begins (ends on November 2001).
 May The consulting service for foreigners living in Japan begins.
 1999  Jan The organization name is changed as International Volunteer Center of Yamagata (IVY).
 Jun IVY is approved as a specified nonprofit organization by Yamagata Prefecture.
 Jul Agricultural support project for women’s associations in rural villages in Svay Rieng Province, Cambodia begins.
 2000  Apr Medical aid begins in East Timor (ends on March 2003).
 2001  Jul Activities to nurture grassroots veterinarians and animal husbandry consultants begin (ends on June 2003).
 Dec Assistance for educational issues of children from abroad begins.
 2002  Apr Literacy Education Project in East Timor begins (ends March 2003).
 May IVY becomes a counselor for NGO assigned by Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan.
 Sep  Saturday Class, supplementary lessons for children begins.
 2003  Sep The 1st Global Cultural Festival is held (ends in 2009).
 2004  Jul The symposium, “Educating and Accommodating Children” is held.
 Dec Symposium “Education and adaptation of children from abroad” is held.
 2005  Aug Lecturing an intensive summer course begins on education for international understanding at the Faculty of Literature and Social Sciences, Yamagata University as a teacher-training course (ends in 2011).
 2006  Jan The 1st Global Children’s Camp is held.
 2008  Jun IVY is approved by the Director General of the National Tax Administration Agency as an authorized Non-Profit Organization.
 2010  Apr The department of “IVY Youth” is established.
 2011  Mar The Tohoku Disaster Relief NGO Center is established and activities begins.
 Apr Ishinomaki and Kesennuma sub-office  are established. (closes on March 2012).
 2012  Aug The name is changed as Approved Specified Non-Profit Organization IVY.
 Sep IVY Nursery School begins with operating (closes in March 2015).
 2013  Feb Poverty Reduction in Rural Area through Establishment of Sustainable Management  of Svay Rieng Agro-Products Cooperative in Cambodia is launched.
 Apr IVY becomes a member of Japan Platform (JPF).
 Sep Support for Syrian refugees in Kurdistan Region in Iraq is launched.
 2014  Mar Education Support for Syrian children in Kurdistan region, Iraq is launched.
 Nov Support for Internally Displaced People in Iraq is launched.
 2015  Mar Education Support for internally displaced children in Iraq is launched.
 May IVY is approved by Yamagata Prefecture as an Approved Specified Nonprofit Corporation.(till May 2021)