Lectures on demand

Instructors teaching education for international understanding and environmental education will come to you!

Wanting to communicate with children and residents interested in the various problems occurring on this earth, we provide lectures on demand for schools, teacher training sessions, and IVY-sponsored events.

Each year over 30 lectures on demand are given. You are welcome to look over teaching materials at our office and discuss classes and training sessions. Please feel free to contact us.


Summary of lectures on demand

Instructors:                          IVY staff, IVY Youth members, non-Japanese active in IVY, etc.

Classes and training sessions are conducted in a workshop format. We can create content to meet requests, so please contact us.

Example of a Lecture on Demand:

          • A workshop developed with materials for teaching international understanding, such as “If the world were a village of 100,” “New Trade Game,” “Cambodia Box,” etc. (Click here for details.)


          • Lectures on problems faced by developing countries and their relationship to Japan, based on IVY projects conducted in Cambodia
          • Introduction of international cooperative activities implemented by residents (especially NGO activities)
          • Environmental education
          • Discussion of curriculum for education on international understanding for integrated study periods
          • Training on education for international understanding (for teachers)

Time Required:      Flexible

No. of Lecturers:    Flexible

Fee:                      Starts at 5,000 yen (subject to discussion)

Other:                   Discussions will be held in advance.

Requests/Inquiries:     Approved Specified Non-Profit Organization International Volunteer Center Yamagata (IVY)

Contact Person:          Abe, Adachi

TEL:                        023-634-9830

Email:                       LER04525@nifty.com