Conducted a 4-day teachers training on hygiene education!

From 7th of April, we conducted a 4-day teachers training on hygiene education with Iraq Red Crescent and French Red Cross.


In Iraq, due to a low level of consciousness towards hygiene, many children are suffering from diarrhea, cholera and other infectious diseases. In addition, since many of children do not know how to use toilets, washrooms in schools are generally dirty and broken. Especially, under the pandemic of new coronavirus, raising awareness of hygiene among children is necessary.


Therefore, we conducted the teachers training to develop knowledge and skills to implement fun and participatory hygiene education in classrooms.


The teachers participated puppet show, card games and other events to understand how to teach hygiene related issues and good practices to children in a fun way.

During the training, because the teachers looked fun, children came to the venue to see what they are doing. The teachers told us “Now, I know more about things related to personal hygiene, sanitation and correct ways of treating students. And I know modern health ways that had a good effective. It is really developing the skills of the trainees in school health.”