Syrian IDPs Project – Distributing “Food Baskets”!

Today, 16th October, is World Food Day which was established by the UN. The starving population around the world is estimated as more than 820 million (as of 2018), which means 1 out of 9 persons is suffering for food insecurity. The population has been gradually increasing in the past years. For example, in Syria, 9.3 million of the population is facing food insecurity due to the prolonged conflict and the coronavirus. Food prices has been increased for more than 200% in the past year and family who do not have income (or not enough income) are forced to borrow money from others or sell their assets.

According to the survey which we conducted with the partner organization, 42% of households among 272 families only have 10-20 USD monthly income while almost 20% of them have no income. Despite the situation, international assistance is even inadequate and most of the families responded that it is difficult to meet the family needs and they answered that they are worried about their lives and health.

In such situation, IVY finally started food distribution this month. We will reach about 2,700 households.



*This project is implemented through the grant aid of the Japanese NGO collaboration with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and your donations.
(MOFA NGO Counselor ODA Public Relations)
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