Syrian IDPs Project – Preparing “Food Baskets”!

We are preparing for food basket distribution (food basket: a package of food items which contains rice, flower, beans, oil, canned food and seasoning)!

This year, the population of food insecurity in Syria has been reached to 9.3 million. This is an increase of 1.4 million in this year. As such, food items are very precious for Syrians. To ensure the quality of food items, we are testing the quality of the food basket. First, our local partner organization visited the suppliers’ warehouse to check the process of packaging and confirm the quality of packed items.

In addition, we bring the food items to a lab to check, for example, if there is food contamination, wrong description of ingredients, and if there is mold. Once we confirm the quality of food items, we are able to distribute the food baskets. Next time, we will introduce the activity.


*This project is implemented through the grant aid of the Japanese NGO collaboration with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and your donations.
(MOFA NGO Counselor ODA Public Relations)

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