Iraqi Education Assistance/ Distributed PCs to Vocational Schools in Erbil!

In vocational schools in Erbil, most of them did not have PC and because of that the schools were not able to use PCs for their classes.

IVY has been supporting vocational schools in the center of Erbil which do not have PCs through rehabilitation of PC rooms and installation of PCs including PC desks and chairs to support them to conduct PC classes in accordance to the curriculum.

In Iraq, there are many people who do not know how to use PC since many of them have never touched PC due to the conflicts. Therefore, we also conduct PC training for teachers and staff of the vocational schools who have I never used PCs .

Principals and teachers at the Vocational Schools, where the distribution of the PCs was completed, said, “We hope that the teachers will be given PC training soon. We are looking forward to the training.”
We are excited that both students and teachers will be able to expand their possibilities by being able to use PCs.


*This project is implemented through the grant aid of the Japanese NGO collaboration with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and your donations.
(MOFA NGO Counselor ODA Public Relations)
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