Syrian IDPs Project – “Food Baskets” to be distributed!

IVY started a new project in Syria from this July.


The Syria crisis has been considered as the worst humanitarian crisis of the 21st century. Nearly 960,000 people, an estimated 80% of whom are women and children, have fled their homes because of the air assaults during the last winter.

Since March, people have started to return their origins whereas plenty of people are still remaining in unfinished or damaged buildings, open areas, tents or last resort camps. Rising food prices has been affecting IDPs’ food insecurity.

Considering the situation, IVY partnered with the local NGO to distribute food baskets which include rice, flower, oil, cans, and seasoning to such IDPs.

Now we are preparing for the distribution and are going to start the activity very soon.
Stay tuned for the next update on the distribution.
*This project is implemented with funds from Japan Platform and your donations.

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