[Measures for COVID-19]Myanmar refugee support / Implement capacity building project for repair team of WASH facilities!

In Bangladesh, over 240,746 COVID-19 positive cases and total death 3,154 were reported.

The Government of Bangladesh announced extension of the period of restriction on overall activities, At the same time, IVY Bangladesh Office continue to implement capacity building project in refugee camp to repairing WASH facilities and disinfection activities.


From IVY staff commented “Now is the very challenging time to continue working in camp however I got feedback from our repairing team ‘I really appreciate to learn correct technique of repairing and get income.’ ‘Now I am confident to repairing work.’ so I feel capacity building is very much important to improve their dignity and life for refugees”.


*This project is implemented with funds from Japan Platform and your donations.
(MOFA NGO Counselor ODA Public Relations)

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