Myanmar refugee support / Constructed 150 bathing cubicles for women!

In the refugee camps where land is limited, residents use public deep tube wells and toilets outside, not in their homes.

For bathing, there is a simple public bathing cubicle (a concrete booth with a roof), but the number is not enough, and it seems that women are washing their bodies and hair at home.

ミャンマー避難民 水浴び1

To improve of water, sanitation and hygiene for the displaced persons from Myanmar in Kutupalong Refugee camp in Bangladesh, IVY Japan constructed 150 bathing cubicle for women.

ミャンマー避難民 水浴び 2

ミャンマー避難民 水浴び 3

A woman with five family members living near the bathing cubicle newly constructed by IVY, she told us with a smile ‘I usually take a bath in a corner of my kitchen, but now I can bathe twice a day with peace of mind in the bathing cubicle’.

ミャンマー避難民 水浴び 4

Besides the Bathing cubicle construction, IVY did hygiene promotion by visiting the BC users’ homes one by one to prevent COVID-19.


*This project is implemented with funds from Japan Platform and your donations.
(MOFA NGO Counselor ODA Public Relations)