Cambodia Organic cashew nuts: Successfully finished the final shipment of this season.

4AC joined the last shipment of organic cashew nuts for this season.
The total of 20 tonnes delivered on this date. Congratulations to 4AC who made the delivery of the total of 90 tonnes.

カンボジア カシューナッツ2
カンボジア カシューナッツ3

カンボジア カシューナッツ1
We also invited the representative of 6 new AC from the other districts to observe the shipment and learn the handling.


カンボジア カシューナッツ4
カンボジア カシューナッツ5


*This project is implemented through the grant aid of the Japanese NGO collaboration with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and your donations.
(MOFA NGO Counselor ODA Public Relations)