Successfully completed the distribution of gas cookers and gas cylinders for 2,682 households in Bardarsh Refugee Camp and Gawilan Refugee Camp!

In October 2019, the Turkish army launched a military operation in northeastern Syria, causing many Syrian refugees to flee to neighboring Iraq.
Syrian refugees living in the Baldarash and Gawilan camps were cooking on a heating stoves because they did not have gas cookers to cook. But cooking in the heating stove took too long.
To respond to the voices of mothers who want their families to have hot dishes, IVY decided to distribute gas cookers and gas cylinders.
ガスコンロ改 5
After we got a permission to visit the refugee camps from the government, refugees who had been waiting for us gathered around us to receive the gas cookers and gas cylinder . Due to the new coronavirus, there had been a delay of the distribution.
2,682世帯にガスコンロ 3
To prevent spreading the virus, IVY staffs requested to line up with keeping some space. And finally, people calmed down and lined up to receive the items.

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2,682世帯にガスコンロ 5
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Fatima who lives in Bardarsh Camp talked to us after he received the gas cooker.
“Before we were eating canned food only. But thanks to the gas cooker, we are now able to cook our meals. My children are really happy because now we can eat hot meals.”
2,682世帯にガスコンロ 6


Mohamed from Bardarsh Camp also said, “We were using a kerosene stove for cooking. But the smoke was terrible. Some tents were even burnt due to the stove. So we decided not to use it and we just ate caned food for 3 months. But now, thanks to the gas cooker, we are safe and we are able to cook food”.
*This project is implemented with funds from Japan Platform and your donations.