Repairing the broken school building in Ninawa, Iraq!

In March, the school environment improvement project has started
in northern prat of Iraq!

イラク・ニナワ県にある壊れた校舎を補修します! 1

Topzawa village in Ninawa Governorate located in northern part of Iraq affected
by the conflict between ISIL in 2014 and infrastructure such as electricity,
water supply, and school have been damaged.





Topzawa Junior Highschool is one of them; the school has been partially destroyed due to the conflict.


To deal with such kind of situation, the community members raised donations to repair some parts of the school facilities.

However, still, the school building is in danger of collapse. Even in such kind of condition,approximately 140 students are still learning at the school. Some children in the village are studying at different schools in different villages and some other children are not studying at school due to the security reasons.

イラク・ニナワ県にある壊れた校舎を補修します! 3


To create safe learning environment as soon as possible, when the project started, the engineer from IVY and the constructor immediately visited the rehabilitation site and prepared BoQ.

Unfortunately, the work has been stopped due to the curfew triggered by the outbreak of the new corona virus.

Praying for the end of the new corona virus and wishing children can study in safe learning environment as soon as possible.
*This project is implemented through the grant aid of the Japanese NGO collaboration with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and your donations.
(MOFA NGO Counselor ODA Public Relations)