Lecturing about Mideast held in Yamagata, Sendai, Tokyo completed!

Lecturing about Mideast by Ms.Eiko Tamamoto(Asia Press) and Sheelan(IVY staff from Kurdistan Region Office) held in Yamagata(Nov. 25th), Sendai(26th), Tokyo(27th) completed.

Each venues had almost full, and participants listened carefully and took note. We appreciate for your coming in the rain.

From participants, there were some comments and questions, such as  “Knowing is the first step for me. It was precious matter.”,”It is my first time for me to know about the children who were forced to enter a vocational school of child soldiers. This motivates me to think a detachment of soldiers of Japan.”, “I wonder how long IS continues threatening people…”

Through this lecture, we could get chance to know and think about minority religious people or how education is necessary for children under conflict.



 November 25th, Yamagata



November 26th, Ms. Eiko Tamamoto from Sendai













<<The article about this lecture is on newspaper as of Nov. 26th.