【School for Iraqi children】Construction has launched!



Constructing school for internally displaced children who have been displaced in Erbil has launched, with 10 days late, finally.





The school will be open on October 2nd. However, the hot weather over 40℃ has been ongoing and it rains sometimes since Erbil is halfly desert area.

It must be difficult for skilled/unskilled labors who have been working with building. We wish there would be no accidents and the building go smoothly without any big troubles.




IVY is lacking $12,000.

Please donate by 「READYFOR?」 to complete building school.

IVY started asking donation from August 31st ― so far, collected money is more than 300,000 yen, which reached at 20% of goal. Thank you

so much for your support! We still have 38 days! Please support for us.


 URL of “Readyfor?” (Sorry, only Japanese is available.) ↓↓↓