Building school for Internally Displaced Children in Erbil,Iraq


In Erbil of Kurdistan region of Iraq, IVY builds a primary school that functions 10 rooms.  

This school is temporary established for children who lost their houses due to the attack from IS and evacuated to Erbil, with a certification by Ministry of Education.


The reason why IVY builds school

IVY opened temporary school for Internally Displace Children by lending a house on this April.

Taking a usage of 3 rooms as classes and 1 room as for teacher’s room, however, since it is a normal house, it is not appropriate for more than 150 children to learn freely. Also, it is impossible to get official credits required for passing on to the upper grade. Hence, IVY discussed with the Ministry of Education and we concluded that if IVY builds school, they would dispatch certificated teachers. This is how a temporary school upgrades as to a formal school.

Ar present, the construction plan has been proceeding in the cooperation from Ministry of Education and construction company.



(Children learning Arabic in the bed room that renovated as a class room. -July28,2015)



Outline of school construction

・Place: In Erbil of Kurdistan region of Iraq

・Land scale: Approximately 6,000㎡

・Floor space: 642㎡

・Equipments:10 class rooms、Teachers’ room、3 toilets for boys&girls each、washing space、water tank、storage、playground、wall

・Total construction costs:$106,182

・Term of construction:From end of August to middle of October

・Future management :Ministry of Education of Iraq , Erbil office

・Term of usage:2015, October -2018, September *It might be postponed.

・Capacity of students:300 students


(Image of school after construction.)


Lacking of $12,000,

Within a total construction cost of $106,182


 The detail of construction cost is as below. Please support for school building so that children can learn freely in asylum.


Construction cost

Total construction costs:$106,182

Detail  Cleaning, earthmoving and soil compaction: $9,600

          Concrete floor: $9,630

            Preparing and installing cabins with sandwich panel : $50,652

          Electricity and lights: $5,000

          6 toilets and 6 hand wash: $3,500

            Water tank for toilets: $600

                 Toilet septic tank: $3,200

                 The main water pipe:  $800

                 The main electric cable:  $1,200

         Wall:  $20,000

                     Others: $2,000