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Education for children of Iraq and Syria


   IVY has newly established an informal school for Iraqi internally displaced children from April, 2015.   At present, 130 of pupils from 1st to 6th  grade enrolled this school.


  Did you know the population of IDPs of Iraq has been increasing?

 More than 4 years have passed since “Syria Crisis” started. At the end of 2011, there used to be 8000 Syrian refugee, but now it’s 3,980,000 and there are 240,000 living in Kurdish region in Iraq.




There is a fact that many children lost their lives because of conflict, poverty and disaster.

We, adults should keep eyes on their future and empower them. In IVY’s project site, there are still more than 20,000 of children who cannot go to school. However, even for those who can go to school, the school environment is inferior. We need your support to let children got to scho0l and get their normal daily life back.




                                            【Children learning at IVY center】



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