[Rohingya Refugee Support] Start cultivation of Leafy Vegetable

In collaboration with the NGO Mukti Cox’s Bazar, IVY has started supporting provide appropriate techniques for practicing homestead gardening in Rohingya refugee camps in Cox’s Bazar district, Bangladesh.

Before the arrival of the rainy season, the refugee camps took advantage of this rainwater to start direct sowing of leafy vegetables and hanging gardens. Motivated women have been expanding the variety and location of their plantings. They have also begun harvesting.
We will continue to provide technical support in dealing with squalls, strong winds, pests, and fertilizers to ensure daily harvesting.

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Monitoring by Communitiy mobilizer

Harvesting bitter gourd

Growing healthy sac gardening

Utilize surrounding space of shelter

Try direct sowing

Leafy vegetable are growing very fast

Their husband also support harvesting

Harvesting Cowpea

Harvesting cucumber

Kids help to prepare hanging garden

Practice hanging garden to plant leafy vegetable

Utilize space of shelter to practice hanging garden