[Rohingya Refugee Support] Skill up training of Homestead gardening

IVY has started supporting provide appropriate techniques for practicing home gardening in Rohingya refugee camps in Cox’s Bazar district, Bangladesh.


In the first training session for 900 women, we invited staff of Department of Agriculture Extension as a lecturer. The training covered the basics of what kind of cultivation methods are possible and what kind of crops can be produced in home stead gardening utilizing empty spaces and land in small shelters, as well as cultivation methods combining sacks, bamboo shelves, soil mixing. Participants learned specific methods for sowing vegetable seeds, transplanting seedlings, and daily care.


Lively training with women

Distribution of materials and equipment into a limited space camp also requires ingenuity and labor

Installation of bamboo shelves at cash-for-work

Customized according to the environment of each shelter, bamboo assembly on the roof

Houses that have space in their homes use the shelf-method of cultivation

Lecture on how to mix compost and sand

Practice soil mixing

All ready, looking forward to the distribution of seedlings and seeds

Compost and seedlings are raised and procured in collaboration with host communities

Lecture on transplanting seedlings to volunteers

CiC support our activity

Woman receiving seedlings

Waiting water


Access to water remains difficult in the middle of the dry season, but household wastewater and other resources are being utilized. We were motivated to see mothers taking care of the seedlings while having fun, as well as other camp families sharing aloe and bean seeds and planting them themselves to try them out.
We will continue to promote the home stead gardening in camps by providing know-how on growing leafy vegetables that can be harvested on a daily basis.


*This project is implemented with fund from Japanese ODA (Japan Platform) and your donations.