【Iraq】Learning Must Go On

IVY finished building a prefab school for children in a small village in Sinjar district, Ninawa, Iraq at the end of February, 2022.

The school includes six classrooms and is equipped with all the necessary furniture for the classrooms and management.

Overview of new school building


Inside new classroom

Before the building, the students were forced to study in tents, with no wash facilities. Unfortunately, on this winter there was a strong storm and all tents were destroyed so they had lost the classroom and environment for a short time. But now all those difficulties that the students and teachers were going through are over. The school now is available to use, and the students are studying in a healthy manner.

Before the project, these tents were their classroom 


A strong storm destroyed the tents


This project aims not only to support the students so that they have a good study environment, but also to support the initiatives undertaken by the members of this community, who decided to open a school in coordination with the Education Directorate, a teachers group of young people who are unpaid by ministry of education, a person who don’t a land to be build a school on it, all those initiatives deserve to be supported and appreciated.

The students, teachers, and parents were very happy to have this new building, they hold a party to celebrate the opening of this new school.

Opening Celebration

As IVY, we strongly believe it is important to provide educational opportunities for children to have a safe space to learn and have fun. We want the children to grow into adults who will one day rebuild their lives in peace.

A Society like Sinjar, people suffered a lot from ISIL terrorists invaded in 2014, they killed most of the male population, sold girls into slavery. And most of the people become IDPs in camps.

However, they started to return to their home society and rebuild it.
We believe that Education is the key to unlock the potential of the next generation of leaders, doctors, teachers and change-makers.