【Iraq】Rehabilitation of WASH facilities has completed!

In November of 2021, we were able to rehabilitate two schools in Sinjar and Sinuni districts.
Previously, the schools had old tanks for drinking water as well as broken toilets and sinks. We were able to provide the schools with new water tanks and drinking water.
The photos are the schools rehabilitated by our project, destroyed building due to the conflict, and a meeting with the Director of Education.
Left:Sinuni school water tanks before
Center:Sinuni school water tanks after
Right: Drinking water after rehabilitation


 Sight of a destroyed building


IVY team has also visited the schools to monitor the developments and progress of the projects.
It was the first time that IVY team visited Sinjar.
For people who might not be familiar with Sinjar, it was the town where ISIS terrorist invaded in 2014, the killed most of the male population and sold girls into slavery.
The town now is controlled by the Iraqi army and is safe for the most part, but fear of terrorism attack is still in the minds of the people.
And the psychological distress caused by the invasion is still wreaking havoc on the people of Sinjar.
We were excited to visit and see how the community is trying to rebuild their lives from scratch, at the same time sad to see all the devastation, buildings destroyed, families separated, and mothers still waiting for their daughters to come back.
We as IVY will do our best to provide all the support we can to the people of Sinjar and Sinuni.
IVY team with Sinjar education director