Iraq; Educational support for IDPs children in Ninawa has started

IVY has started yet another project to support the education of areas of origins of internally displaced people.

Students taking class in a tent. we will build prefab buildings in the project

As ISIL group started to retreat and fade away, displaced internal refugees have started going back to their towns and villages. Sinjar on the border between Iraq and Syria were once under ISIL control.
The people there suffered for years, and the ones who run away suffered as well. Now however, people are going back to their homes, and children are getting back to school.
Since most schools were either damaged or destroyed, we are going to rehabilitate three schools and build one caravan school. In addition, we are also going to provide training both to teachers and students. The training covers psychological, hygiene, stress-resistance, etc.
The approximate beneficiary of this project is over 20,000 people of which half is composed of children. Through this project, we aim at developing the right infrastructure for parents and children to safely and effectively study and work toward rebuilding their hometown and leading their country into the future.