Eyeglasses donated by OWNDAYS Corporation has arrived in Iraq!

As we reported last March(https://ivyivy.org/activity-news/9531/), we implemented visual acuity tests for mainly children at Qayyarah sub-district in Ninewa with the cooperation of OWNDAYS Co.,
OWNDAYS Cooperation

Since then OWNDAYS had being made glasses based on the test results, finally, the glasses have arrived in Qayyarah, Al-hamd Lillah!

On the event day, totally more than 300 people gathered from whole the district. We distributed 231 eyeglasses to the participants with whom weak eyesight. The event was fulfilled with happy smiles.

▲Participants wear donated new glasses


▲Kids hold a card written “thank you” in Arabic “Shkran”


Here are comments from the participants

Mr. S(12)

「I’m very happy to have eyeglasses of very nice color and I can see very well!」

Mr. M(25)

「These eyeglasses are very good and I’m feeling very comfortable, it’s very light so it’s like I’m seeing the sight with my own eyes, not via glasses!」

Mr. A(60)

「I’m too old to wear this design of eyeglasses. This is for young people but I’m happy because I’m feeling very comfortable with it.」


Even though we were able to have a peaceful event at Qayyarah sub-district this time, the scars of the occupation by ISIL still remain throughout the town.
We will continue to provide support so that the scars can be healed from the town and from the hearts of people as soon as possible.


▲The crushed car reminds us of the scar of the conflict

▲The sheep march is a familiar sight in the Middle East


*This project was implemented with the cooperation of OWNDAYS.inc and funds from Japan Platform and your donations.
(MOFA NGO Counselor ODA Public Relations)