Consultation on daily life

Many married immigrants live in Yamagata Prefecture.
International married couples are said to have the advantage of being able to recognize from the beginning that it is natural for both parties to have different values because of their difference in language, background, and culture, however, it is quite difficult to put this recognition into practice in their actual lives.
When considering an international marriage, or when facing difficulties between husband and wife or between family members after getting married internationally, you may be able to find a solution by considering the following questions.
How do married couples in his/her country cooperate with each other and share household chores?
Does the other country have the same views on child-rearing as Japan?
Who does he/she think is supposed to take care of both parents?
Does the other country have a caregiving system like Japan's?
We accept consultations on a wide range of concerns that one encounters while living in Japan.
Consultation from family members is also welcome. Please feel free to call us (or email us).

Examples of past consultations

■Family Matters
I don't get along with my father/mother-in-law
I want to live alone with my husband.
My husband and I have different views on child-rearing
My family wants me to go back to my country
I want to get a divorce, but what will happen to my parental authority?
How to get a divorce in Japan
My relatives told me to go back to my country when my husband died.

■Daily Matters
I want to go to the hospital, but I don't understand the language.
My child has been bullied.
I want to apply for welfare.

I want a job, but what skills would be beneficial?
I don't get along with my boss at work
I don't get paid overtime.

Languages, Consultation Fees, and How to Request a Consultation

1. Languages supported
English, Chinese, Taiwanese, Korean, Tagalog, Vietnamese, Russian, Portuguese, Spanish, Thai
*Please contact us for other languages.

2. Fees
The following fees will be charged for online consultation through an interpreter.
Less than one hour - 2,000 yen
one to two hours ・・・ 3,000 yen

Telephone consultations and interviews in Japanese are free of charge.
Consultations related to work and welfare applications are free of charge.
We do not provide services for marriage agencies.

3. How to make a request
Please contact us by phone or email.
Office hours: from 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. weekdays
TEL: 090-2365-1208
( Contact: Nishigami, Chinese/English/Japanese is available )