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You can donate to us through PayPal using your credit card.
Please click the link below to go to the payment page.

(Please check your PayPal account for the maximum amount you can use)

After selecting the amount of your donation, please click “Donat
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Donate as an IVY Supporter (monthly donation)

You may choose to use automatic withdrawal from credit card payments.

<We are looking for IVY Supporters!>
IVY Supporter is a system to provide continuous support for IVY activities through monthly automatic withdrawal of a fixed amount.

For those who apply to be an IVY supporter….
(1)A receipt will be sent to you in January each year.
(2)We will send you a report of our activities once a year.

Use of credit card

The donation will be automatically deducted from the designated credit card once a month during the month of application.
VISA, Master, JCB, American Express cards, and debit cards from financial institutions are accepted.


・For credit card payments, we use the system of PayPal, an online payment service company.
・Please be assured that your credit card number will not be disclosed to our organization.
・If you have a message to IVY or any special request, please open the “Additional description to seller” field and fill it in.
・There is no set period of time in advance, so the service will continue automatically until you request to stop it.
(For more information on how to stop, please visit here.)

ペイパル|VISA, Mastercard, JCB, American Express, Union Pay, 銀行

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