Education Support


School for Syrian and Iraqi children


Internal conflict of Syria has started since 2011, March from a beginning of anti-government democracy.


Since 2014 January, IS has been invading Iraq.


According to UN, the number of Syrian refugee and IDPs in Iraq become more than 10 million. The number of people who escape to Kurdistan region in North Iraq has reached to 250,000. Also, since last June, there are 3 million of IDPs in Iraq to escape from IS.

IVY has been implementing an education assistance for children of Syrian refugee in Kurdish region in northern Iraq since September 2013 as a member of Japan Platform. We have been implementing an education assistance for children of Iraq as well since  March 2014.

*”Refugee” means the people who escape beyond the boarder. IDPs(Internally Displaced Persons) means people who escape to the other area domestically. We distinguish the term whether they escape beyond the border or not.




Why IVY starts supporting education project?


IVY has been implementing projects in Kurdistan region in Iraq as a member of Japan Platform in  those people since September 2013. Since then, the situation of children of Syrian and Iraqi who cannot go to school has been cleared.

Hence, we asked MoE to build informal school as a first step, and then upgrade the informal school as public school so that children could get units.  Through these projects, IVY built an informal school, Garanawa school and public school, Kobani school  for Syrian refugee and built IVY center for Iraqi children. As a result, approximately 850 children could get the chance to learn.



Outline of ongoing projects.

*Since IVY has started building a public primary school for Iraqi children, the content of project has been revised since August 6th, 2015.




Project name: ”Education support for refugee and internally displaced children in northern Iraq, Phase Ⅲ”


Duration period: 3/30/2015~10 /31/2015


Project objective: Providing environment of learning for Iraq and Syrian refugee children living in the out of camp in Kurdistan region of northern Iraq.


Project detail:

1) Establishing informal school and manage the school for internally displaced  children in Iraq who live in a shelter far from school  and cannot go to school. (From April till August)


 (Photo above:Arabic class at IVY center. Teachers are also IDPs as well we children. Taken on 7/29/2015)


2) Supporting upgrading formal school to public school

Upgrading IVY center to public school and building school. The public school can accommodate at least 300 children, with functions of 9 rooms, 2 teachers’ room, toilets, washing space, water tank, warehouse and wall. (From August to October)

 3)Teachers of Sports, art and music classes of Kobani school established on September,2014  will get the skills of teaching and techniques and update the teaching guideline.(From March till May )

 4)Providing bus service for children who live in 3 areas that IVY specified as poverty area.(From March till May )





Before & present situations

◆Previous situation of Syrian refugee

 4 years have passed since internal conflict of Syria started on 2011 and refugees have been getting used to living in an evacuation place. However, for many refugees who live in non-camp have a big fear for children’s future due to a long-term and unpredictable life – in Kurdish region, it is common to conduct classes in Kurdish so Syrian refugees can hardly have chance to learn in Arabic that they hope and there is no school that hold in Arabic in areas where many refugees live with a cheap price. As a result, it was estimated that there were about 7000 school-aged children of Syrian refugee in non-camp area in Erbil. Among about 7000 children, only about 1800 (26%) children could go to school, but rest of 5200 (74%) children couldn’t.

◆Present situation

To fill this gap, IVY cooperated with other organization and Kurdish government and established 3 informal schools on September. The number of out of school children were reduced from 74% to 47%.

IVY continued training for PE, music and art teachers and bus service. As a result, children can finish their grade.(From September 2014 till May 2015 )


7 months situation that internally displaced children encountered 

Since Mosul fell last June by armed enforcemnts, there are 3.0 million of IDPs at present and there are more than 860 thousand of IDPs fled in Kurdish region of Iraq.

According to an announcement from Iraqi Ministry of Education on January 12th,2015, there are 33,900 of internally displaced children and adolescents in Erbil and the number has been increasing. There are still children who cannot go to school since it is far from their houses. Hence, it is estimated that there are 23 thousand of children who cannot go to school, and even children who can go to school, they can go to school for 3 days in a week, in overcrowded classes.

Based on this situation,  IVY has been implementing  projects to open school for children live in the place that is far from school to reduce the number of out of s
chool children.


Present situtation

 As of situation of August 2015, 74 informal schools have been established according to an announcement from Iraqi Ministry of Education. However, most of buildings are rent houses or renovated apartments, there are 3 classes only 3 days in a week at primary school in overcrowded classes, which children cannot learn calmly.


 (Photo above:Since normal house is used as school, there is no choice to use this narrow space. )

 Hence, to improve this situation, IVY decided to build a public primary school, equipping with 9 class rooms by borrowing a land near IVY center.




【New Public Primary School open for internally displaced children】

・Where to construct:in Erbil, Kurdistan region of Iraq

・Site space:Approximately 6000㎡

・Floor space:642㎡

・Facility:10 rooms、teachers’ room、3 toilets for boys/gilrs、washing space、water tank、warehouse、ground、wall

・Total construction cost : $106,182(Calculated as US$1=125yen)

・There are 450 pupils registered, a headteacher, 2 assistants, 26 of teachers.

・Iraqi Ministry of Education takes administration and management of this school.(Till end of December 2015, IVY monitors school.)










(Photo left:new public primary school opened on October 29th.)










(Photo left:pupils with smile at the new class room)